Monday, August 4, 2008

Tommy's in Cleveland

So why am I reviewing a place in Cleveland Heights of all places? Because it's another one of those vegan/vegetarian/carnivore combination restaurants that I think is the wave of the future...and I was there.

I was also disappointed as I had high expectations for a nice juicy philly cheese steak kind of sandwich. I got a seitan hero on what seemed to be white bread with thin squares of not very tasty seitan. I don't equate quantity with quality but I scraped all the seitan onto half the bread to make a semi decent sandwich. The cheese was, according to the waitress, Tofutti. It was covered with standard iceburg lettuce and hard tomatos.

Not very impressive at all.

The babaganoush was also rather bland and seemed to be mixed with mayo as it was very white. Pita...also chewy and not very tasty.

I appreciate the gesture Tommy but lets work on the execution.

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