Sunday, August 10, 2008

Millenium San Francisco

One of my favorite restaurants in the whole wide world, possibly the universe. Vegan, pricey, complex and delicious.

So I find myself in San Francisco and for 3 days have been looking forward to my Millenium meal. My travel partner isn't veg or vegan so I sit with him as he eats in the Chinese and Vietnamese Restaurant across the street. To be sociable I order the Vietnamese Spring Rolls which were certainly adequate although the peanut sauce I found to be a bit bland. Nothing that some hoisin, hot chili oil and was it Sambal perhaps, couldn't fix right up.

Off to Millennium where my bud ordered a cup of coffee to keep me company. I started with the Sesame crusted oyster mushrooms. Delicious taste and seasoned perfectly with a nice bit of crunch. Perhaps it's my lack of experience with oyster mushrooms but I thought they were a tad bit chewy...not as I remembered from my last visit a year ago but still great.

The entree I ordered was the Mediterranean Roulade even though it was panned by the bartender as having a taste that disagreed with him and he didn't like the brick bread. I ordered it anyway deciding to forego the peach Grilled Tempeh in a Habenero Peach BBQ sauce. One day I'll have enough to order 5 dishes but today wasn't one of them. I prefer Seitan to Tempeh and my only criticism of the dish was that I would have preferred a ton more of the seitan and that I hadn't finished my bread and had some to sop up the sauce with ... and ... not that we're giving out 5 points for plating but there is some thought put into that by the kitchen and was just a bit peeved when the waiter put it down on the bar a bit too hard and half the roulade fell over.
A minor point I know but we're not slinging hash here.

I would have liked the Bloody Mary but it wasn't on the menu for some reason. That is something I remember from my last visit. I ordered the Tequila Sunrise which was made with pomegranate juice and I found it was a bit tart when paired with the romescoe sauce. Maybe I just missed the Grenadine.

Go and eat here.


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