Friday, March 12, 2010

The Remedy Diner. Raleigh, North Carolina

It's always a good sign when there's a wait for dinner and although the window and bar seats were availabe we were both in uniform and wanted a chair to sit back in so we waited all of 10 minutes and a table opened up.

I liked that the menu had a full page of vegetarian and vegan options. I like whe the wIt staff knows what you mean when you say "veganize it please". I like when the menu clearly states that everything can be made vegan on request. These things, when in a restaurant that also caters to the desires of carnivors, gives me the warm fuzzies that I'm going to get exactly what I want.

The choices are numerous in all categories and I chose the Buffalo Wings to start. Wow. Great sauce and perfect sized portion. The wing itself was a flat piece of product made by Delicious Soy in Morrisville, NC. It had a great chewy without being rubbery mouthfeel.
The ranch dressing was cool and flavorful and I lapped up the last drop with the celery sticks. I liked this so much I got an order to go.

My entree was a Philly Fakesteak. Fantastic. A great sub starts with the bread and this was a perfect pallet. Nice crust and good flavor. Locally baked I was told. Fresh and perfect. Soy cheese that was so melted and gooey and grilled onions topped off a delicious "meaty" "beefy" soy protein. It all came together in a perfect rendition of what I remember from the old days.

I ordered a vegan brownie for desert and although it had a good flavor I was a little disappointed in it's uniformity. It was like a flat rectangular brownie shaped piece of cKe with a very fine texture. I think I would add some nuts or icing or a scoop of soy icecream to make it more interesting. That being said I of course finished it.

I also ordered the meatball sub to go. I can't vouch for hat it's like when it comes out of the kitchen but 2 days later coming out of the microwave it was phenomenal.

This is my ideal restaurant when I'm on the road. My carnivore associate had his food choices available so there wasn't any armtwisting and se both left more than satisfied.

I wish there was a Remedy Diner around the corner from me.

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