Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Dong in Des Moines

A Dong
515) 284-5632
1511 High St
Des Moines, IA 50309

It was someone at the Ritual Cafe who recommended A Dong as they had just shut down the kitchen. Sometimes timing is everything when you fly airplanes around the country and I missed the cutoff by 10 minutes.

This meal was to be eaten on the trip home, probably somewhere over Ohio and one of the concerns, since we don't have a tray table, is how messy are we going to get in the cockpit.

Well, I ordered the spring rolls and another dish with a sauce and rice. I had them mix the rice in the container with the sauce and I must say that the gentleman waiting on me was incredibly meticulous and taped down the lids of every spill-able item. And it worked like a charm.

The spring rolls, although perhaps a tad thicker on the dough than I'd had before was nicely chewy and the inside was crisp and delicious with a nice mix of ingredients.

I can't tell you what I ordered because I sort of mixed and matched off the menu to create a dish which had the ingredients and sauce that I wanted and this certainly gets a few extra points when I can literally prepare my own dish. It was delicious and I did something I rarely do in the airplane...I taped the lid back on and took the leftovers home.

Big Big Suggestion.

Get a menu online. People need to see that you have a specific vegetarian menu!!!!

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